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Within 30 days after you have received your judgment, you may levy on the debtor's bank account providing you know the banks location. Once located, you'll need to have a Writ of Execution issued from the court to allow to .

Bank Levy Fee for:
Orange County: $150.00
add $30 if Rush is Needed
Most other counties: $180.00
add $30 if Rush is Needed
Plus a separate Check of $35 for Sheriffs Fee

You will need to provide the following documents:

1.       Writ : (1 original & 4 copies.) Click Here
A writ is an order issued from the court giving a Sheriff, or Register Process Server the authority to execute or attach on the bank account or property. This Document you must
get from the same court that you filed your case at.

2.      Notice of Levy: (copies 6) Click Here
Notice of levy is the form you need to fill out to tell the bank what accounts you are going to levy on.
We need 4 copies made out to the garnishee  (Name of the Bank) (3b is checked & reads “a financial institution in  possession of funds”)
We need 2 copies made out for the judgment debtor (Name of the person/business you have the judgment against) (3a is checked)

3.      Memorandum of Garnishee :  (3Copies) Click Here
A Memorandum of Garnishee is the form that the bank needs to fill out and return to the Sheriff to let them know the status of account. (only fill out the top portion Attorney, Court, Case Number & Name)

On the Notice of Levy & Memorandum of Garnishee please remember to fill in Levy officer section on both forms. Levy officer is the name and address of the sheriff's office.

These next 2 forms you do not need to fill out anything on this form.
4. Exemptions From The Enforcement Of Judgments  (2 Copies) Click Here

5. Current Dollar amounts of Exemptions From Enforcement's of Judgments
(2 copies) Click Here

6.Letter of Instruction to the Sheriff: (2copies & 1 original, 1st copy your file, 2nd Original to the Sheriff, 3rd copy also to the Sheriff a long with the proof of service and original writ.) This letter must be address to the Sheriff in the venue in which the bank is located. It must clearly state the banks name address, the name of the person to levy on and that a private process server is going to be doing the service on the bank. Sheriff Fee is $35

You may also obtain the forms listed above at Judicial Counsel Web site.

Proof of Service
After the service is complete on the bank, a proof of service will be filed with the Sheriff's office
within 5 days or less.
The Sheriff's office will notify you of what money was recovered. You will have to wait at least
30 days before the sheriff's office turns the money over tot you

If this options does not work out for you or you would like to try an additional option, to go back to the Collection Wizard Click here

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