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What an abstract of Judgment does is several things.

First: If they try to buy, sell or refinance any real property they will be unable to until they pay off the debt.

Second: If the judgment is not already on there credit report it now will be as long as you have the last four of judgment debtor Social Security no.

Other benefits are:
It will be harder for the defendant to get Credit cards with low interest rates.

They will also have a harder time buying a car with a low interest rate or getting a loans from any bank.

These are just of the little things the will encourage the judgment debtor to pay off the debt.

Doing this you may not see the results instantly but should eventually this should pay off.

To get started here is What you need:

First: Writ of Execution issued by the same clerk the you filed

1st Here is what need just the last four of the Social Security No., if you do not have this, we might be able to locate one for you for a fee of $35

Fee to record the abstract in Orange County $55.00.
Most all other counties $65.
$25 For each additional defendant filed at the same time.

If you believe the defendant has property in additional counties then you need to record the abstract in every county the defendant owns property.
Fee for recording in each additional county $65
$25 For each additional defendant filed at the same time.

Note: the above listed fee does not included the court filing & recording fees.

Property Check Per County $35

To start this process please fill out this request form.

Please make sure you include the Social Security No. if you have it.

Please include a copy of you judgment sent to you by the court.

Next please send a check in the appropriate amount.

Abstract fees

$55 for first defendant, filing & recording in Orange County
$65 for most all other counties
$45 for each additional defendant on the same case
$45 for each additional recording per county
$35 to locate a Social Security No.
$35 for property check per county

If you have any question please call.

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