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OCPS is not a collection agency and does not do collections. 
What we can do is serve all related collection documents that the collection agency would hires us to serve if you had hired them to collect on your court case.

By using us, you eliminate the middle man & cost, (the third of your judgment fee collection agency) and in return you get more of your money that you fought for, won and is owed.


If you would like to have your judgment on their credit report and put a lien on their
real property Click here

If you know where the debtor(s) has his Bank account. Click here to do a Bank Levy.

If you know where the debtor(s) place of employment is. Click here to do a Wage garnishment.

If you don't know where the debtor(s) banks at or is employed, you can serve the debtor(s) with documents to appear in court to arrange payment and to question the debtor(s) about where he works and his financial status, including the location of his bank account. Click here to do this.

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