The City Tower
333 City Blvd.
West, 17th Fl.
Orange, CA, 92868
Phone: 714-971-2217
Fax: 714-978-6092

What can you do if you don't know the
location of the person being served or if you
have a judgment and you need to collect?
OCPS locates people for service or process only.
We do not locate for any other reasons.
If you need to locate someone to have them served
or if you need to locate someone's or place of employment
to collect a judgment, please call
 (714) 971-2217 to discuss your case.

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We need the following information to perform a locate:

- The persons full name. If a business, the full name of the business and owners
name or officers names
- Last known addresses and phone numbers
- Social Security number and or Date of Birth
(not required)
- Any other helpful information

Fee starting at $150.00 Standard Locate (additional costs may apply)crysta ball

What we will provide in return is the person current home, work or mail address for service of process. This will be given to you on the proof of service at service is complete.

We do not provide written reports, Social Security Numbers, DOB's or other personal info on the subject. Only a current address to complete the service of process.


This check provides the current owner(s) of an address, or a list all properties owned by an individual per County.

Fee per Address or Individual - $35.00

There are NO GUARANTEES OR REFUNDS on the locating services. Orange County Process Serving has been doing Locates for over 25 years and has found the majority of people it has looked for. But, this does not guarantee that this will
be the same result for your case. It can take serveral weeks to find the subject.
OCPS in many cases use independent contractors for many of the services that it offers.

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